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Grandma's Batik

By  Sarah Schiewe 2014

This piece tells the tale of Schiewe’s grandmother, a creative soul, who ventured to Singapore as the spouse of an Air Force serviceman. Enchanted by the local people, she found inspiration in the ordinary moments of Singaporean life. The image of a man gracefully shouldering water buckets on a yoke and a mother nurturing her child on the floor left an indelible mark on her artistic spirit.

Driven by an innate curiosity, Schiewe’s grandmother embraced the art of batik, captivated by its intricate allure. In a charming twist of misunderstanding, she began crafting batik on paper, unaware of the traditional fabric medium. Unfazed by this revelation, she forged ahead, infusing her impressions of Singapore into each stroke. Today, her batiks remain cherished, hanging proudly in the family homes.

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