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It's just nice to be exhibited

part of 'A series of Dull & Meaningless Works of Art', London 2016 The inspiration for the piece comes from a long day of visiting numerous galleries and Frieze Art Fair 2016 in London. The last stop was Fred Mann's New Art Projects in London. While I was watching an animation by the artist James Rielly, I suddenly realized that showing one's work is an extraordinary experience, something I get pleasure and satisfaction from. The sentence It's just nice to be exhibited. can be displayed/painted on the wall, simply written on a piece of A4 paper or projected as an animation. more:
prettier-ignore-start S8msf71pg0m2dxrpdwvl8q prettier-ignore-end Jay Rechsteiner

The Red Van, a nomadic sculpture

Structure work #1: anonymous

Plant 02

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