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No Place Like ... (Jaguar Chair)

By  Sarah Skinner 2023
This work was inspired by Dorothea Tanning's Surrealist chair with a tail, 'Primitive Seating', in the collection of National Galleries Scotland. I loved the concept and the aesthetics: Tanning said that she just had some spare fabric so made a tail with it! In my contemporary take on this, I wanted to question the glamorisation of animal fur, even as a print on fabric. My research for No Place Like ... (Jaguar Chair), revealed that although illegal poaching of at risk and endangered species such as 'big cats' does continue, it is loss of habitat, in the case of the jaguar, loss and fragmentation of the Amazonian Rain Forest that is the biggest threat not just to these big, impressive species but the whole eco system, the tiniest insects upwards.
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