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'Post-Medium Postulation'

Mike Chavez-Dawson

Variable dimensions

This video piece is a furthering of the 'Artour' body of work that myself and fellow collaborator Len Horsey (artist/writer) have been developing, it follows in a similar vein to the previous work 'Sham Pain Polemic'. SEE VIDEO LINK BELOW TOP LEFT THUMBNAIL MORE INFO: This was created specifically in response to the Untitled Gallery pop-up space in 'Sorry for the Inconvenience' show titled 'Enter A Small Room Arranged For This Purpose, Part 2' as an introduction to a 'informative performative lecture' ('Inter-Textual-Ventions Part 3') at Project Space Leeds on 26th November, 2011 to coincide with the 'Peering Sideways' exhibition and launch of the publications. Synopsis for 'Post–Medium Postulation' Length: Approx 9 min monologue. Concept and Director: Mike Chavez-Dawson Scriptwriter: Len Horsey Mrs Harrington is a single Mother. (her husband disappeared during an exploration searching for a rare species of Penguin in Patagonia. He was a Cartographer and esteemed artist in the Science-Fiction genre – he constructed robotic stuffed pets.) She is a Matron at the local hospital – she could have been a Doctor but feels that if she had pursued that particular path the patients in her care would have missed out on the quality, care and understanding she has developed ever since her husband disappeared. Whilst rushing home from work during a thunderstorm she pops into an Art Gallery to shelter and finds herself in a room within a room. On the walls are the artwork of two artists…the room reminds her of her ‘lost’ husbands studio and the conversations they once had about art/life/nursing and stuffed animals; she can’t help but interpret what she sees (the artwork) and feels (about the artwork, nursing, the lost husband) eventually the reflecting leads her to some form of reconciliation... Mrs Harrington: Elizia Volkmann DOP & Editor: Theo Piper DOP Assistant Tom Drinkwater For further info: &

Mike Chavez-Dawson & Len Horsey

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SCENTED (Portrait of Tracey Emin) by Robin Nature-Bold, 2019

‘Phantom Works: History speaks to us if we are willing to listen…’

'Kleckztale Chairs, 2015 to 2017...'

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