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‘Scoring a Concrete Poem between Blackpool & Brierfield v1, 02082014’

Novoto & MCD, 2014

On the 2nd August I took a selection of Q&A answers from the people of Brierfield and sought to compose a concrete poem on the direct train to Blackpool, once there I was greeted by Richard H M Parry who helped source a local printers and framers to produce an edition that now frequents his office at Grundy Art Gallery in Blackpool. This incidental performance featured as part of my In-Situ In-Res residency, where I am seeking to propose a Songline for Brierfield, Lancashire.

MCD, 2014

NoVOTO & MCD 2014

NoVOTO & MCD, 2014

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Phantom Works: EU... 2017

Homage to 1942: Duchamp's Contribution to The Surrealism Papers Live Performance...

Behold Eye Fountain, fountain....

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