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Shelf Life

By  Lucy Bevin 2023
A series of drawings of existing sculptures. The core of the work has been primarily an exploration of the home and the notion of objects existing in parallel to and interacting with human life- the codependency of subject and object. Drawing on these themes the work explores the role of cherished possessions, ornaments, domestic objects, clutter and the hoarder's relationship with their hoard. The use of materials, a combination of clay, plaster, paper mâché and newspaper reflects these explorations i.e the piling up of stuff - particularly newspaper and junk-mail coupled with the use of ornamental or domestic objects and furniture. These works are therefore and investigation into the nature and function of objects by the conjoining of subject and object. The sculpture/ drawings employ and absurd element and reference to the body which connect with and lure the viewer in order to capture a moment of desire and disturbance in equal measures.
prettier-ignore-start Tlonsjkwm0uyjrvpbaw0g prettier-ignore-end Lucy Bevin

Family History part 1

Strange Allure part two

Hanging Lamp

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