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Stacked and Tumbling

By  Henny Burnett 2021
‘Stacked and Tumbling’ was a site-specific installation made for ‘The house protects the dreamer’ a collaborative exhibition with the artists Emma Gregory and Esme Clutterbuck that worked with themes of time and domesticity. The exhibition took place at Safehouse 2 in London a semi derelict Victorian terraced house and the piece was sited in the kitchen. The chose of materials reflects the domestic origins of the work - old sheets are stacked precariously on a metal ironing board and tipped to create a supportive buttress.




prettier-ignore-start Wp8yatrwkkokylz56jbrw prettier-ignore-end Henny Burnett

Soles IV

Seaweed Portraits - Photograms.

Pink cords, Orange circles & Painful pins

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