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The Time of Iron

This installation was the culmination of a one month residency I was selected for by VARC (Visual Arts in Rural Communities) during which I explored how humans have interacted with the landscape of Northumberland throughout history. I focussed on working with the process of weaving, through making my own looms, taking the looms into the landscape and incorporating materials from these places into the weavings.  I look upon weaving as a metaphor both for the creative thought process and for our relationship with the animal, mineral and plant based life around us. Coming from an exploration of mutual obligation and interdependence I am interested in how particular methods of making have arisen out of specific places. How do local resources arising from the geology or ecology of a place influence the way people relate to the world?

My primary partnership would be with the Bellingham Heritage Centre, but I also worked closely  with the Northumberland National Park to develop a weaving in the landscape workshop.

Artist project profile video link below:

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