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Tied 3, Totally Thames Festival

By  Liz Sergeant 2023

Thames Festival Trust

The tide is coming in. Six women proceed along the embankment and descend the steps to the foreshore. They are dressed in the muted mud-and-shingle colours of the river’s landscape. With blue-green cord, they settle in to their careful collaborative work. It becomes apparent that the multiplicity of their small, individual knots begins to create an ever-expanding net. Rhythm and murmur. They are totally absorbed in their collective endeavour as the tide continues to rise. The blue-green net grows. Seemingly oblivious to the rising water that laps around them, they pursue their work. Then, with some imperceptible signal, the women stop and cast their net into the yellow-grey river and inspect their haul. What will their net have caught? 

Tied Three was re-imagined for the Totally Thames Festival 2023, performed on the South Bank on 17th September 2023. During this version of Tied audience members were actively encouraged to join the performance on the foreshore and learn the art of net-making from the fisherwomen, thus reinforcing the themes of the work - interdependencies, co-operation and connection.

Many thanks to Thames Festival trust for their support with the project. 

Alix Brain

Milo Robinson

Milo Robinson

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