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Steve Messam

What Do Axis Artists Do All Day? Steve Messam

In our engaging "What do Axis Artists Do All Day?" series, we visited Steve Messam, a longstanding Axis member renowned for his impactful, temporary installations that blend seamlessly into landscapes.

Filmed at his unique studio near Barnard Castle in October 2022, Steve shares insights into his creative process and the unconventional space where his large-scale works begin their journey. Despite working from an old butcher's walk-in fridge, Steve embraces the challenge, finding that the limitations of a small space actually fuel his creativity by forcing him to be selective about what he keeps and uses. He values the discipline and focus that come with working within constraints, believing it keeps him from accumulating unnecessary materials.

Steve candidly discusses the inherent risks and rewards of pushing creative boundaries. He sees every project, successful or otherwise, as a crucial part of his artistic journey. Failures, though rare, are celebrated as reminders that he is constantly challenging himself and not settling into comfort zones.

Join us to explore Steve Messam's approach to creating installations that narrate and become an integral part of the landscape, his unique studio space, and his philosophy on creativity and risk in our latest film from the series "What do Axis Artists Do All Day?"


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