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Opportunities: Curating Connections

What We Offer

Axis's Opportunities platform is a carefully curated digital gateway, connecting artists with meaningful opportunities for professional growth and project commissioners with exceptional talent. Originating as the UK's first digital arts organisation in the 1990s, we prioritise relevance and impact, ensuring every opportunity is a potential for artistic development and financial reward.

Why We Curate Opportunities

Our curated approach is designed to:

  • Streamline Access: Simplify how artists discover opportunities.
  • Quality Over Quantity: Each opportunity is vetted for its potential to contribute positively to an artist’s career, ensuring they are meaningful and beneficial.
  • Ensure Effective Matches: Commissioners gain access to a talented pool of artists, making it easier to find the right fit for creative projects.

How Our Opportunities Work

  • Selective Process: Opportunities are carefully reviewed and chosen based on their value to artists’ professional growth and financial reward.
  • Easy Submission: A straightforward form to submit opportunities, which are then evaluated for inclusion.
  • Promotion and Reach: Approved opportunities are actively promoted through our membership channels, reaching engaged artists and art workers.

Who Benefits

  • Artists: Access a selection of vetted opportunities that offer real return for financial reward, development and exposure.
  • Commissioners: Connect with a skilled and diverse artist community, enhancing the quality art projects.

The Impact Created

  • Artist Empowerment: Our platform is instrumental in advancing careers, fostering collaborations, and increasing visibility for artists.
  • Quality Collaborations: Commissioners find motivated and talented artists, leading to successful projects.

Our Commitment

Axis is committed to being the bridge between artists and opportunity, fostering growth and support in the arts community.

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