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Christine Wilcox-Baker

Artist, consultant, project manager

I have a very enquiring mind. The natural world excites me and I want to explore it.  Researching my subjects, learning new skills, portraying my discoveries in a range of media to suit each piece of work, really drives me forward. Projects are diverse but the central themes of nature, place, people and narrative are often integral to the work.

In 2008 I graduated MA Art as Environment from Manchester Metropolitan University and importantly my work gained clearer focus and definition. Always an artist but also a passionate gardener, these two paths have now started to merge and I am more influenced by food cultivation and sustainability.

A key part of my work is story telling. I use visual imagery to portray information in order to engage the viewer to learn in different ways. For example my metalwork projects often tell the story of the location they are commissioned for. My project about Diabetes gave health information in ways different to the usual methods. The stories come through my own research and often also with input through collaborating with the diverse groups I work with.

I love to learn and new challenges allow me to continue my investigations and experimentations, therefore I do not limit myself to a single subject. The diversity of the projects I work on contributes elements to my understanding of the greater whole. My explorations include nature, horticulture, heritage, medicine and wellbeing.

My work manifests as site responsive / site specific installations, sculpture, paintings, drawings, photography and mixed media. Enjoying a mixture of solo and collaborative working, with other artists, fabricators, diverse organisations and groups, I am also well versed in public and private funding initiatives and commissions.







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