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Jeremy Webb

Photographer, published author, tutor, mentor, life model

I’ve explored Photography as freelance practitioner, tutor and writer, in all its various forms for over 30 years. The medium is far too versatile, offers far too much scope and potential to just stick with it in one place, wear one hat, as if to say “this is all I do, this is my patch” and then spend a professional lifetime sat in that specialist safety zone.

You won’t find any unique or recognisable Jeremy Webb “house style” here, but you’ll find a wide range of different subjects, themes and approaches. I’ve always believed in exploring every area, every genre, every style of photography because this is simply authentic to my enquiring and curious nature and as natural to me as a musician might explore many different forms of music. So I give myself the permission to shift between Documentary, Surrealism, Pictorialism, Modernism, Expressionist Abstract, Conceptual, Minimalism or Complexity, according to project/subject.

I’ve spent the bulk of this time exploring, enquiring, playing, focussed on being independent and uncompromised, immersed in the medium and forgetting about selling or marketing my work simply because I’ve been having too much fun making it. I reach a point now, as a mid-career photographic artist, where I can enjoy the creative freedom that comes from being beyond the grip or thrall of gallery-led contemporary photography, or the sales-driven imperative of commercial work. I’ve had plenty of paid work along the way, but I’ve learnt and developed the most from simply immersing myself in the medium, teaching, collaborating, writing, exhibiting, running workshops, mentoring, and public art projects as satellite interests around my core practice.

I’m happy working with black and white darkroom processes, slide sandwiches, photograms, pinhole, and as much risk and imprecision as possible. But I’m also comfortable with the pixels and forensic clarity of digital, and a lot of my work overlaps photography with digital art. Recent commissions have led me to produce a series of imagined landscapes of Doggerland, as it might have existed some 8500 years BC. Currently, I’m producing large-scale prints raising awareness for Charles Bonnet Syndrome; a debilitating hallucinatory experience affecting some blind and poorly-sighted people. This coming October, The Cut, in Halesworth will be showing a retrospective of my work from this 30 year period, and 2019 will see the 2nd edition of my 2nd book Design Principles, published by Bloomsbury.

This rich variety and creative freedom is what drives my work. In exploring my various themes and subjects, I'm driven by a desire to impart simple ideas and perspectives with directness, clarity and economy.


Empty retail Norwich

Spindrift Exhibition visitor portraits

Spindrift ~ 2 Exhibition and Workshop series Sept 2022

Kat looking at tomb, Hethel Church

Andy Nation

Blue Chair Red Ball

Woman sitting alone in field


Belly Man

From the freezer

Hideaway 3, waterside kayak, River Wensum

Drive-by shooting of winter trees in late sun, Suffolk

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