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Lisa Sheppy

South West
Inter-disciplinary craft practitioner with an interest in the material evocative object and narrative perspectives

Lisa Sheppy has just submitted her doctoral study, An industrial craft reinstated: A printmaker’s perspective on tissue transferware. The study was designed to investigate an obsolete industrial craft; tissue transferware, with an aim to reinstate it through the lens of contemporary printmaking. The new method does not replace the original industrial craft but serves as a contemporary interpretation of it. The research has been materialised through a series of art works, produced with a palette of tools and materials familiar to artists working in the fields of printmaking and ceramics. This new method is open, accessible and within reach of future artists to realise its creative potential.

Lisa has a BA (Hons) Fine Art (BCU) first class, an MA Multidisciplinary Printmaking (UWE) distinction and commenced her full time PhD study at the CFPR in 2017. She was awarded the Glass Seller Prize at the 2010 British Glass Biennale and has exhibited subsequent works across the UK in galleries and site sensitive historic locations. This includes; The Brontë Parsonage Museum; Yorkshire, The RWA; Bristol, The London Glass Blowing Gallery, The National Trust’s Croome Court and Bilston Craft Gallery; the historical home of enamel transfer printing.

Lisa’s art practice involves working with materials and processes akin to craft, with printmaking at the centre. Her research interests are initiated with responses to the overlooked and obsolete from which she reveals new meanings.


Ulterior Voices

Croome Redefined - 'Soul to Sole' Croome Court National Trust

Grow Pop Up! Edinburgh, 'In Domo Vitrea'

'Art for Life' Musgrove Park Hospital Commission

The Secret Garden

Charlotte's Dress Solo Exhibition at The Brontë Parsonage Museum

Charlotte's Room

Quaker-like as it was

Ghosts are usually pale Jane

Unsurped Portmanteau

Lost Pockets

Charlotte's Dress

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