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Paul Newman

Based in Birmingham I work with painting, performance & photography, and am a member of Contemporary British Painting and Aleph Contemporary.

Paul Newman is a Birmingham based artist whose work moves between  painting,  performance, installation and photography. His current body of work, English Gothic, combines 18th – 21st  century motifs including, historical landscape painting, architecture, classic monsters of movies such as the Fly and Frankenstein, and even the Ford Escort van. 
With sources ranging from artist books and postcards, film stills, and urban walking, his paintings explore shifting architectural markers of progress and dereliction in our landscape, relating to depictions in art history. Stirred into the mix are the various depictions of the monster, developed from a performative thread and childhood memories of wearing monster masks in front of the mirror. Recent performance works include ‘Don’t be Afraid’ 2018, part rehearsed, part improvised, inspired by the Universal Frankenstein films of the 1930’s and notions of awkward pauses in communication.
Collage is an important approach, in terms of both collaging ideas and imagery and the material generated from studio practice with the accumulation of creative debris.



Interior Studies 2010-23

In Ruin at Stryx Gallery

In Ruin promotional photoshoots

The Last Day Puzzle

Ghost Rope

Progress Series 2023


Wild Beast studies

Woodland House paintings I & II

Box painting series

The Rehearsal of Frankenstein

A Frank Self Portrait

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