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Peter Gudynas

Artist Photographer

Peter Gudynas is a visual artist best known for his graphic art and creative photography. His early work involved experiments with photorealist painting, photography, collage and printmaking. A combined interest in surrealism, pop art, new wave science fiction, cyberpunk and techno culture have influenced and inspired imaginative excursions and philosophical enquiry within his creative practice.  His subject matter has referenced the sometimes converging areas of science fiction and fact, to explore and present a type of techno surrealism, and the theme of his 'Posthuman Photofictions' exhibition project, a preoccupation of his work since the mid 1980's, presented speculative illustrations of the human image transformed by some of the more far reaching applications of scientific and technological modernity. 

Much of his recent fine art photographic work continues to explore the theme of the post human, conversely these envision landscapes and environments notable for the absence of human presence, yet at the same time strangely haunted by that presence and the detritus humankind leaves behind in the wake of social, industrial and technological progress. Using digital manipulation, electronic painting and photo retouching techniques to ‘re-visualise’ such landscapes as heterotopian spaces to explore and contemplate symbolic meanings concerned with the utopian and dystopian when confronted by the agencies of environmental change and spatio-temporal transformation. These visibly staged and constructed post photographic images can be construed as surreal elegies to ‘Corpus Economicus’ and memorials to spectres of lost futures. With his current practice he has embarked on a modus operandi for conceptual expression, informed by a personal vision, yet open to interpretation, in line with the theme of a larger ongoing project and body of work depicting the world we live in today, a foretelling of signs and legacies of awry global development.

Over the years certain ideas in his visual work have also been extended into working with experimental film, sound art and music composition with his 'Ubiqk' project.


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