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Peter Walker

Sculptor and fine artist working across multiple art forms, duration and artistic direction - from sculpture to large scale son et lumiere

I have been a sculptor and artist for over 20 years. During this time my work has expanded and adapted to developed to embrace a wide spectrum of media and approaches. My work explores sensory phenomena, through light and sound, scale, and the physical qualities of the media of choice.  Much of my work is created for the interiors of Cathedrals and designed to interact with the grandeur of the space, an interplay between the art form and the architecture. This evokes physical and psychological reactions from audiences, and discourse around spirituality, the collective and the individual. 

I am presently working with numerous  Cathedrals in the UK and USA on major projects and a major aspect of my work is working with these partners to develop models for contemporary art as significant in the life of these buildings. This is established through the use of large scale installations as well as light and sound.  

My practice also stretches to working privately with collectors worldwide, with studio production of fine art bronzes and work on canvas, as well as public artwork. 

It is a flexibility across media that allows the widest possible ability to respond to aspects of the human condition on all levels - from a reaction to that most personal to something on a national or international scale. 


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