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Kathy Williams

Live installation artist creates using paint. Uses physical space as canvas, produces 3d paint-ings that reflect context, founder of PADA not DADA. Moving into public art, always investigating.

Currently researching PADA (not DADA) painting as a democratic act in this climate of instability, lunacy and war.

I create paint-ings that are free from a flat ground, they exist in physical space and invite viewers to choose their own viewpoints, walk around and through. I make sculpture with paint. The forms are chosen from place, space, people and moments of time, the paint expresses a reaction and understanding of where we are, how we make the decisions we do and how our decisions can be influened by unseen events that can shape us. The work is impermanent and does change during its existence, as we may adapt, change minds as pieces mature and settle. 

Site based installed pieces contain the whole process of negotiation, of working with the elements I have to utilise them to a meaningful end point. The work is vulnerable as I must solve the problems of installing the work - of bringing the ideas into place - and it results with unique combinations that rest for that particular moment. The complete process is, of course, the performance of painting construction.

Studio based work is where I try out ideas / put materials and colours together and investigate ways to present paint  unbound.


PADA (Ryde) altogether

Eternal placement

Absence #1


Orange arc (2023)

Collection ( window )


Window Residency

Circles kiss ( model)

Red Tape ( outside#1)

Red Drop

Blue stacked

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