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Ann Goddard

Mixed media textile artist, creating three-dimensional constructions, assemblages and small installations.

My practice explores ideas and concepts through materials and process. Coming from a background in embroidery and textiles, my work developed to include media and techniques from previously separate genres. I now choose the materials necessary to tell the story I want to tell. Textile elements are one ingredient that contribute to the narrative.

Most of my work is three dimensional, taking the form of mixed media constructions, assemblages and small installations comprising multiple units. My preferred method of working is construction; building up forms by assembling separately prepared units. Felted fibres, fabric and stitch are frequently juxtaposed with concrete, wood, metal or natural materials. Rather than direct representation, I aim to communicate ideas by using materials and processes for their association to the idea or concept.

My current body of work reflects my concern for the environment, climate change and the impact of human activity on nature. I hope my work will raise awareness of the threat to biodiversity and the small, overlooked life forms that are in danger of extinction due to the destruction of their habitats. The pieces allude to the vulnerability and fragility of nature. A consequence of this work has been the development of small format artworks that explore the possibilities of concentrating ideas into a miniature size.


Under Threat

On The Brink

Scorched Earth

Hostile Landscape


Hotel Commission #3







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