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Jera May


Appropriating historical artworks, literature, narrative objects, and places. I reconfigure, intervene, install, add, arrange, cast, project or act, to articulate endeavours, consider philosophies and understand occurrences. Sometimes  personal sometimes cultural. Visualising an inner subjective world, shaped and played out upon.   The material existing  in parallel with internal experience, the virtual or the dreamed. Thought represented through found landscapes, projected images, sculptural films, audio, drawings and impressions.

 Writing on 'The Delirium of Joy', The artist and writer Ambrosine Allen describes;

“I felt what May had created was a kind of ghostly archive, where real landscapes are layered with inner more metaphorical landscapes and connections are formed between past and present, fact and fiction. I left thoughtful about the idea of 'sculptural film', impressed by both the physical power of the installation and the romantic illusions of the projected media, seduced by how you can get lost somewhere in-between.” 





Variation of Balance

Fundamental Vibrations- General Description - Frequency of Vibration

Turning Moment

Making new shapes

The Square and The Circle

Manmade Unmade

Urban Romanticism

Self Shape

Another Rivet in the Machine (of the Universe)

The Delrium of Joy

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