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Adam Grose

My work currently explores fragility through layering and entropy.  It responds to history, memory, the landscape and the human condition. 

Semi-abstract glimpses are drawn from observation when travelling, gathering images through sketching, photography and memory.

 Paintings are layered over time as expressive moments of colour, line, print, masking, text, scrawled marks and memory.  These form multi-layered paintings that are sanded back, revealing sections from the previous layers, now interacting with one another as a memorialised glimpsed journey.

 The journeys are inspired by research I’ve pursued from 2013-16.  When attending residencies in Cyprus and Spain, I began re-exploring my relationship with the landscape; local and national histories; mythology; geology; pigments; various visiting cultures, their religions, and entropy.  

 These ideas eventually lead to an interest in the effects of imperialism (2017), slavery (2018), lost generations (2019), the suffragette and civil rights movements (2020—21), other obscured histories and the culturally ignored (2022-present).  

 Many aspects of these intersect and juxtapose with one another within my work, expressing memorial observations of history and landscape.  They seek to enable an opportunity to investigate and explore previously obscured histories, through this form of landscape painting.   


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