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Chris Wright

My practice happily meanders across disciplines & ideas. Concerns are borders & marginal spaces where one thing becomes another exposing cross-cultural, political, social, environmental relationships

A multidisciplinary artist, writer and researcher, I work both nationally and internationally investigating, developing and promoting the practice and theory of fine art and philosophy, undertaking exhibitions, commissions, residencies and conference presentations. Current focus is the intersection of sound, including silence, time and body  but I also use photography, film, installation, sculpture and Internet as media. But I am in a stage of transition and am becoming more politically and environmentally motivated with recent work covering forgotten wars and water issues. Who knows where it will take me. 

My main research area is  borders and transitory spaces but also important is the field of ideas and what-if’s that are often generated by found ‘objects’ such as snippets of overheard conversation, a lost bus ticket, an echo, a door left ajar with light and voices creeping out or an idea ‘found’ through being in a particular place at a particular time.  These represent the absolute now that peers through the cracks of everyday life and reveals its idiosyncrasies. In the studio, these fractures of the everyday are dissected, amalgamated, investigated with the mind of a scientist, even, to present, finally, a transient snapshot of the contemporary, a set of proposals that continues to ask questions.





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