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Chris Wright

My practice happily meanders across disciplines & ideas. Concerns are borders & marginal spaces where one thing becomes another exposing cross-cultural, political, social, environmental relationships

A multidisciplinary artist, writer and researcher, I work both nationally and internationally investigating, developing and promoting the practice and theory of fine art and philosophy, undertaking exhibitions, commissions, residencies and conference presentations. Current focus is the intersection of sound, including silence, time and body  but I also use photography, film, installation, sculpture and Internet as media. But I am in a stage of transition and am becoming more politically and environmentally motivated with recent work covering forgotten wars and water issues. Who knows where it will take me. 

My main research area is  borders and transitory spaces but also important is the field of ideas and what-if’s that are often generated by found ‘objects’ such as snippets of overheard conversation, a lost bus ticket, an echo, a door left ajar with light and voices creeping out or an idea ‘found’ through being in a particular place at a particular time.  These represent the absolute now that peers through the cracks of everyday life and reveals its idiosyncrasies. In the studio, these fractures of the everyday are dissected, amalgamated, investigated with the mind of a scientist, even, to present, finally, a transient snapshot of the contemporary, a set of proposals that continues to ask questions.





CV Dr Chris A. Wright May 2021  07715 175249

I make enquiries into the nature of things, especially the concept of borders and in-between spaces, through different media but especially sound. Sound has a shape that you can hold, roll around, taste, smell, feel, hear and allow your imagination to take you on a journey. Based in the East Midlands, UK, I am an interdisciplinary artist working with sound, film, photography, performance and drawing. Currently, my main practice and research concerns sound and its relationship to time and space, especially at the intersection with the body.  


Traversée3 residency and exhibition, Broadway Gallery, Nottingham. Supported Near Now, Broadway

Traversée exhibition, Saint Nicolas, Caen with Le Labo des Arts/Hatchery Artists. Supported Le Labo des Arts

Traversée Residency, Le Labo des Arts/Hatchery Artists Caen, France. Supported Le Labo des Arts

 Portail at Platform Athens. Plot curated by Jackie Berridge

Unplace in Unheard Landscapes pub. Gstaad

Traversée residency and exhibtion, Broadway Gallery, Nottingham. Supported Near Now, Broadway

Out Loud FKL conference, Switzerland (academic paper)

Un-place in book publication Unheard pub. Galaad 

Small talk in One Minute films, Berlin

Lode Broadway Gallery, Nottingham. Supported Near Now, Broadway

Re-imagine Derby schools project, Artcore Gallery, Derby


The Forgotten in The Power of Ten with Jaw, Athens Platform 2022

The Forgotten in ART publication

Territory at Home symposium, University of Gloucester

Watery Ways/Bleak Place self-directed residency on English waterways 

Pebble and Hold Me in at Candid Gallery, London

Artnuary Challenge with Hatchery Artists creativity month, a work a day 


Fold/Unfold in Soundscapes of Work and Play Essay pub. Galaad 

Note Running Artfully Network conference, Fermynwoods (environmental poem)

The Melbourne Letters Melbourne festival outreach collaborative project, supported Derby Council (Sound commission)

Re-imagine schools project, Artcore with Derby Schools

Express Yourself schools project, Artcore with Derby Schools

Interfluent, Waiting and I thought everything was the same in Normal Service Will Be Resumed Hatchery Artists, Artcore Gallery, Derby   ( curator/artist

( (ACE supported)

Interfluent, Waiting and I thought everything was the same in Normal Service Will Be Resumed Hatchery Artists, Dragonfly Gallery, Norfolk Online exhibition: ACE supported))

Small Talk  in One Minute Films British Film Institute archive

Unplace FKL conference, Blois, France (paper via zoom)



Artist talk faciltitated by Chris Wright with Dee Shiels, Helen Stevenson and Linda Duvall

Artist talk faciltitated by Chris Wright with Jackie Berridge, Mary Hayes and Helen Lees

She'd Online exhibition Supported by Artcore, Derby

She'd part 2 Online exhibition. Supported by Artcore, Derby 


Winter Narratives Artist residency, Vadodara, India

Encountering/It is as it was, InDialogue, Lincoln (sound installation and paper)

In The Hole Duvall’s residency, InDialogue, Lincoln (paper)

Fold/Unfold, FKL conference, Italy (paper)

Urban Flows and Non-Flows in Different Rhythms pub. Galaad (publication)

Summer Lodge Residency, Nottingham Trent University

Resonation#1 & #2, Alchemies of Research, Birmingham (sound performance)

Listening to Urban Space, EVA conference, London (paper and publication)

Wording contribution in Convocations, Helsinki (site-specific writing) 

Wording contribution in Convocations, Venice (site-specific writing)

Small Talk in OneMinute Films, Salto TV, The Netherlands (film)

Territory at Platforms, Athens (sound/video)

Sonic Site II - cello (Sharman-Dunn) and clarinet (Wright) (project)


Sonic Topologies in In Cammino verso Il Silenzio (essay)

Glorious Corruption through Interdisciplinary Approaches University of Wolverhampton (paper)

Samantha’s & It was in where-how’s, The Hole, New York (photograph)

Sur et Sous, Grenier a Sel, Honfleur (sound installation)

Dialogues Honfleur (performance with Louise Garland)

Auditour,  HMS, Nottingham (sound installation)

Creative Confessional with Louise Garland, Nottingham (live art)

Here, there PhD takeover, Birmingham School of Art 

Tenuto, Birmingham School of Art. (participatory sound performance)

Ergh mmm & Estuary English Birmingham City Gallery (Sound installation & drawing)

Inside OutsideThresholds: an adjacent possible, The Tapestry, Liverpool (installation)

Small Talk in Vol. 9, Oneminutefilms, North Wales

Small Talk in OneMinute (selection Vol. 1 to 9), curated Kerry Baldry, HMS, Nottingham 2018 Sonic Site, collaborative research project with Ed McKeon, Birmingham

Meet the Artist

EVA Programming committee, London


 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Centre for Contemporary Art Research, Birmingham School of Art

Encountering/It is as it was Cagliari, Sardinia  (sound installation)

In The Hole residency, Saskatoon, Canada 

Not The Hole Story at Losing Ground Conference, University of Warwick  (paper)

Curating the Idea (Golden, the sculptural nature of silence), Curating the (essay)

A Collective Intake of Breath Listening after Pauline Oliveros Symposium, Leeds University (paper)

Drift and Untold, Art-Athina Platforms, Greece (video installation and photograph)

Urban Flows and Non-Flows, FKL conference, Cagliari, Sardinia (paper)

The Identity of the Everyday   in Sound and Soundscapes pub. Galaad (essay)

Five to Watch

EVA Programming committee, London


Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Centre for Contemporary Art Research, Birmingham School of Art

 a-n Critical Writing bursary for Neon, Grundy Gallery, Blackpool

Making music with light. Electronic short course, Music Hackspace London

Encountering/it is as it was Harrington Mill Studio Gallery (sound installation)

Small Talk, All-in-one loop projected show, Chiari, Italy (Film)

Under   One Minute Volume 9 Directors Lounge, Berlin (Film)

Under   One Minute Volume 9 Cinema Experimental, Lisbon (Film)

Under   One Minute Volume 9 at Light Night Liverpool (Film)


Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Centre for Contemporary Art Research, Birmingham 

Digital Tourism  CITAR Journal, Volume 7 (essay)

Sonic Topologies, SounDay  University of Urbino, Italy

Anywhere is Everywhere, A Virtual Traveller’s Tale, EVA, British Computer Society (paper and publication)

The Identity of the Everyday, Soundscapes and Sound Identities, Italy (paper)

Plot 74 Harrington Mill Studio Gallery (curator)

Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know Harrington Mill Studio Gallery (curator)

Palimpsestuous   Nottingham Castle Open (sculpture)

Begin under the Flyover   The Excursionist, B-side Symposium (provocation)

Passage For Bees   Winterbourne House, Birmingham (Sound installation)

Passage For Bees   Haden Hill House, Sandwell. (Sound installation)


Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Centre for Contemporary Art Research,  Birmingham 

University of Wolverhampton. Visiting Lecturer, Fine Art Contextual Studies 

The Value of Failure as a Methodology or How to Fail Successfully, Nottingham Contemporary (paper)

Urban Sunrise  Hanover Project, University of Preston. (Image publication)

Things happen, Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham. (Photographic installation)

Summer Lodge residency, NTU, Nottingham

Land Strategies  and theCommons HMS, Nottingham (self-directed residency)


PhD Fine Art and Philosophy, (practice-led, part-time) 

Thesis: The Presence of Absence and Other States of Space, Staffordshire University,  

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Centre for Contemporary Art Research, Birmingham 

University of Wolverhampton. Visiting Lecturer, Fine Art Contextual Studies 

The Narrated Present  The Collection, Lincoln (paper)

Column  tAd Gallery, Texas, USA. (Photograph)

Play  series. Brewhouse, Burton-on-Trent, UK. (Sculpture)

Parallel Horizons , Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London (film of installation)

You are here Stoke-on-Trent (Site-specific installation)


At Home Today, 12 x 12 firstfloorunder, Milan, Italy (Photograph)

Badedammen Tarpey Gallery, Midlands Open, UK. (Photograph).

Grass is Greener (on the other side) Blank Media, Manchester, UK. (Installation)


Staffordshire University.  Visiting lecturer, Fine Art

Re-Semble (residency with Veronica West) Derby. Arts Council supported.

Artist Residency, Tou Scene, Stavanger, Norway

Artist talk School of Art, Stavanger, Norway

Flaskepost Stavanger, Norway and internet. (Sound performance)

Grass is Greener  ZOOart, Cuneo, Italy. (Archisculptural Performative installation)

Play  series Waterside Open, Manchester. (Sculpture)

Taking Off and Landing  AV Festival Newcastle. (Film)

Grass is Greener  Departure Gallery, London. (Archisculptural Performative installation)

This is the place where…. in Architectural Disorder, Ovada Gallery, Oxford. (Installation)


Place: The Future was Here OneDay Sculpture symposium, New Zealand (paper)

Constellation   MIC Auckland, New Zealand (Interactive light installation)

This is the place where.., Perhaps Something, Perhaps Nothing  Leeds Met Gallery, UK 

Taking Off and Landing   Short Shorts, Leeds UK. (Film)


Chu Unoh   Conjunctions 08 Stoke on Trent (Installation)

Taking Off and Landing Birmingham ArtsFest08. (Film)

Play   series, Cupola Gallery, Sheffield. (Sculpture)

Taking Off and Landing Empire Gallery, London. (Film)


New Significances Up The Wall, Chester. (Light interventions)


2008 - 2013 PhD Fine Art and Philosophy, (practice-led, part-time). Thesis: The Presence of Absence and Other States of Space . Staffordshire University, Faculty of Art and Creative Technologies

Principal Supervisor: Professor Douglas Burnham

External examiner: Dr. Francis McKee

My research argues that absence has an underlying presence that links the territorialized space of the non-place and the interstitial space of the border zone. It is posited that disturbed areas are created that interrupt, amongst other things, placial identity. It was also argued that the term ‘non-place’ has a limited validity in contemporary society. As a fine art, practice-led study, viewing space was continually questioned both with regard to my own practice and to other, mostly contemporary, artists. This was an interdisciplinary study and referenced fine art, philosophy, social and cultural theory, geography and critical theory.

2008 Postgraduate Certificate in Research Methods, Staffordshire University

Modules: Directed Study, Research Skills, Comparative Research Methodology

2006 -2007 MA Fine Art (Distinction) Staffordshire University, Course Leader: Professor Ian Brown (Common Culture)

Course Leader: Associate Professor Ian Brown

Modules: Contemporary Curating, Contextual Studies, Masters Project. Research Dissertation ‘Identity of Location’ looks at the identity of location through a dialogue between place and non-place and was a practice-based research that used light and immersive environments as a common theme.

2004-2005 BA (Hons) Fine Art (2.1) Staffordshire University

2002-2004 HND Fine Art (Distinction) Macclesfield College, School of Art, Cheshire, UK

Research dissertation (5000 words) ‘See the Silence’ comparing the uses of the pause or rest in music and the silence represented in visual art.


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