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Kayleigh Peters

Henfield, West Sussex
Since graduating as a mature student from Brighton Uni in 2021, I've been working on bodies of work exploring themes of hidden illnesses and gender-bias in healthcare. Working in materials like ceramics and textiles to explore these themes.

Material is at the centre of Kayleigh Peters’ practice, focusing on form before function. Through making with clay there is a connection to the earth and life. The vessel is synonymous with the body, and through the exploration of abstracted non-functional ceramic vessels. Her work is the simplicity of reducing body to simple form, which is found through the act of reflective auto-biographical making. These vessels become an act of quiet activism, seeking to encourage conversation and engagement around the taboo subject of hidden illnesses. This is connected through the fighting of her own hidden illnesses and the taboo nature of them, encouraging visibility and the fight for better research within the medical industry. Contrasting her defective glazes and imperfections on the surface of ceramic vessels to bring to the surface what is often hidden. Through this act of showing them in full display and finding the beauty in the difficult. Her work looks microscopically at the body, finding contrasted colours that communicate the conflicting battles that the body with hidden illnesses endures. Connecting the auto-biographical making and her research into health through time, this led to embodying the narratives of historical ideas, myths and legends of Gods and Goddesses into the work. Through the importance of looking back at how we built our ideas surrounding what should be hidden and who can change the outcome. As we find ourselves in a time of underfunded healthcare full of gendered biases, her work is asking how we got here and how do we find equality and equity in healthcare. 



The Curtain

Artemis, Goddess of Young Women

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